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I’m on Facebook now so please friend me.  I have a sad lack of friends. Candy J Starr on Facebook!

I’m on Facebook now

I am Australian.  I’ve noticed in a few reviews, readers have thought I’m from England or Europe but nope, definitely Aussie. When I write, I use Australian English so maybe it seems a bit strange to US readers.  We spell like the British but, when it comes to work usage, […]

Cultural differences

It’s Feburary already.  The year is moving too fast.  But that means Valentines and chocolate… well, to be honest, I’ve never got Valentines chocolate but I hope you do. So, the best things about this week are: Doing yoga – writing has to be one of the worst things for […]

My week…

I’ve got the cover for Rock Star vs Millionaire and have started organising a cover reveal and other promo.  That means making a definite schedule instead of just bumbling along. Schedules are awesome though, aren’t they. If you are a blogger and interested in participating in the cover reveal, let […]

Shit is getting real

Love a giveaway?  From now until Valentine’s Day you can swag it up with this awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway.  So many awesome books to win, I would love to enter myself — am I allowed to enter if I’m part of the giveaway?  I should check that out. HERE ARE […]

Valentine’s Day Giveaway with Prizes Galore

Things that have been on my mind this week: Working hard on Rock Star vs Millionaire – I’ve got the first draft done, now it’s time for the second round! I’m not working at the moment and loving that I can get immersed in writing without any interruptions.  There’ll be […]

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