Too Many Rock Stars is available for pre-order now I made sure that creep was well away from the club before I left. Violet didn’t guys like him hanging around her and I sure didn’t want him around. He’d taken off and I need to kill some time before heading […]

Too Many Rock Stars teaser

Cry For You is released this Friday! I’ve been planning to post a teaser or two for a while but have been so caught up with writing book 3 that I’ve not done it yet. You can get your pre-order copy at Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo. Hers was the face […]

Cry For You Teaser

One hundred days without sex? Is that even possible? When I got offered an exchange year to the Italian art school of my dreams, I nearly cried. I could barely afford college expenses at home let alone in a foreign country. I was about to decline when my rich and […]

Hands Off! The 100 Day Agreement

I fell in love with Fiona when we were both fourteen years old but she only had eyes for my friend, and fellow popstar, Ash Savage. My feelings for her haven’t changed over the last ten years. She’s the only woman for me even if I’m just in the background […]

Come Clean now available

Preorder now – all retailers!   Asher Savage, you’ve probably heard of him. He was in that boy band until they broke up then he went totally off the rails. He wouldn’t even be on my radar except my editor offered me the ultimate bribe, working with the rock star […]

Come Back (Rock Savage #1) – now available for preorder

He leant in closer to me, so close I could smell him. Close enough that our lips almost touched. Almost. There was still a gap between us. I shuffled over, twisting my legs under me so that my knees touched his legs. My breathing stopped. He grabbed my shoulders, pulling […]

Seduction Game: excerpt

“What are you thinking about?” he asked. “How fucked up this country is.” “Well, you could always go home.” He yawned. What did he start a conversation for if it bored him? I’d happily sit in silence. And yeah, I would go home. Except I couldn’t. I had reasons for […]

Seduction Game: excerpt

Seduction Game Audrey’s tough girl exterior hides a world of hurt and abuse. Junichi is the rich boy who’s never wanted for a thing, or is he? When his own parents offer Audrey a deal she can’t refuse, she thinks it’s just a game. But when Junichi begins to heal […]

Seduction Game – Cover Reveal

We entered the tunnel. Just a few minutes and we’d be home, out of this uncomfortable silence. But then we stopped. There was a line of stopped cars in front of us and no way to turn. How the hell does traffic even get banked up like that so late […]

Seduction Game – Teaser

I’ve been a bit slow in announcing this but the Fallen Star Bundle is now available and you can get it for 99c until Valentine’s Day! What could be better than that? Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon DE Amazon Can Amazon Aus Other Retailers     And… the giveaway… a […]

Fallen Star Bundle – now available, and there’s a giveaway!

I’d loved Devon forever, from the front row of his concerts. So, when fate gives me the chance to be his fake girlfriend for three months, I know I can make that relationship real. As I get to know Devon though, I realise how big the gap is between his […]

Bad For You: Now Available & Giveaway

It’s my birthday and what I really want is more readers for my Snatched series.  So, what I’m doing is offering the bundle of Parts 1 – 3 for free for the next few days. Snatched is a five part series and, if you are in Kindle Unlimited, you can […]

Birthday Promotion!