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Title: Bad Boy Rock StarSeries: Bad Boy Rock Star #1Genre: Rock StarASIN: B00GPP30O2Hannah Sorrento never planned to be a band manager. She’s a princess and the toughest obstacle she's had in life is finding shoes to match her outfit. Then her father disappears, leaving her with only the money in […]

Bad Boy Rock Star

Title: Snatched 5Series: Snatched #5Genre: BDSM, Billionaire, Gothic, RomanceJust when I started opening myself up to Veronica, she ran from my life to be reunited with her estranged, filthy rich grandfather. But Elliot Khan is a cruel man who keeps his own secrets. To protect her, I'd have to risk […]

Snatched 5

Title: Bad Boy vs MillionaireSeries: Bad Boy Rock Star #2Genre: Rock Star, RomanceJack Colt's back, and now he has a rival. After fleeing to Tokyo to escape Jack Colt's betrayal, I discover Dad is hell bent on marrying me to the rich and good looking Tamaki. I refuse to be […]

Bad Boy vs Millionaire

Title: Snatched 1-3Series: Snatched #6Genre: BDSM, Billionaire, Bundle, RomancePart 1 I need to stop this wedding. My mother snuck behind my back to marry a gold-digger, but he’ll not get his dirty hands on our company. Only I arrived too late, and now I have to cool my heels. I […]

Snatched 1-3

Title: Bad Boy RedemptionSeries: Bad Boy Rock Star #3Genre: Rock Star, RomanceLife is sweet for Hannah and Jack. Finally, they're together and Jack’s band, Storm, have been signed to a major label after completing a successful tour. Then tragedy hits the band, sending Jack off the rails. Hannah wants him […]

Bad Boy Redemption

Title: Seduction GameASIN: B06XHWKZVJ Rich, arrogant Junichi has been handed everything he’s ever wanted in life, and now I’m going to be another one of his toys. My tough girl exterior hides a world of abuse that I’d give anything to escape. Seduce Junichi and all my problems will be […]

Seduction Game

Title: AngieSeries: Bad Boy Rock Star #4Genre: Rock Star, Short StoryAngie's feeling for Eric can't be denied but there is a major obstacle in her way - his mother. She feels like she can't be with him until his mother accepts her but it looks like that will never happen. […]


Title: Come BackSeries: Come Rock Me #1Genre: Rock Star, RomanceAsher Savage, you’ve probably heard of him. He was in that boy band until they broke up then he went totally off the rails. He wouldn’t even be on my radar except my editor offered me the ultimate bribe, working with […]

Come Back

Title: Rock YouSeries: Fallen Star #1Genre: Rock StarWorking for a cranky hermit in an isolated house sounds like Ruby’s idea of heaven – but her boss isn't what she expects. Tex is a fugitive from the rock and roll world after a tragedy halted his career. The two of them […]

Rock You

Title: Come CloserSeries: Come Rock Me #2Genre: Rock Star, Romance It only took me a week to fall in love with Savage. Now we're going to be apart while I go on another rock tour. From the start, I have misgivings about touring with Kit Molloy and I miss Savage […]

Come Closer