Bad Boy Rock Star: Complete Story

Title: Bad Boy Rock Star: The Complete Story
Series: Bad Boy Rock Star series #5
Genre: ,

This three book collection includes the full Bad Boy Rock Star series. Come along for the full ride with hot rockers, secrets and sizzling romance.

Bad Boy Rock Star (book 1)

In my old life, I'd have not given Jack Colt a second look. Those muscular, alpha male types do nothing for me. But my father's disappeared, along with all our money, and not I have to make Jack Colt's band a success or starve in the streets. I need to focus and not let his raw sexuality and arrogant swagger mess with my head.

But this isn’t some game - soon the threat that I fear the most becomes reality.

Jack Colt - he’s arrogant and infuriating but he’s the one that’s there for me when my world comes crashing down. With secrets of his own, will Jack Colt save me or destroy me?

Bad Boy vs Millionaire (book 2)

Jack Colt's back, and now he has a rival.

After fleeing to Tokyo to meet my father, and escape Jack Colt's betrayal, I discover Dad is hell bent on marrying me to the rich and good looking Tamaki. Tamaki is everything Jack isn't and, with our similar backgrounds, we form a bond. He offers me safety and security as well as a return to my luxurious lifestyle, but the passion Jack arouses in me won't be denied.

Can I forgive Jack or should I take the sanctuary Tamaki offers?

Bad Boy Redemption (book 3)

Life seems sweet. Finally, Jack and I are together and Jack’s band, Storm, have been signed to a major label after completing a successful tour.

Then tragedy hits the band, sending Jack off the rails. I wants him to make peace with the demons from his past but he refuses to take action. Meanwhile, I have problems of her own when my father’s crimes are exposed, and are much worse than I ever expected.

Are we damned beyond repair or can our love redeem us?

Now in one complete package.

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