Book Genre: Gothic

Title: Snatched j1Series: Snatched #1Genre: BDSM, Gothic, RomanceI need to stop this wedding. My mother snuck behind my back to marry a gold-digger, but he’ll not get his dirty hands on our company. Only I arrived too late, and now I have to cool my heels. I never let emotions […]

Snatched 1

Title: Snatched 2Series: Snatched #2Genre: BDSM, Billionaire, Gothic, RomanceWhen I learnt of my mother’s death, I had no time to mourn, I had to go into damage control. Suddenly, I had a stepsister with a legal claim to the family fortune. I never mix business with emotion but, to save […]

Snatched 2

Title: Snatched 3Series: Snatched #3Genre: BDSM, Gothic, RomanceAs Veronica’s claim to my mother’s estate becomes stronger, I’m not sure if I trust her, but I can’t resist the temptation of her flesh. Until I can discredit any legal claim she has, I need to train her to be worthy of […]

Snatched 3

Title: Snatched 4Series: Snatched #4Genre: BDSM, Gothic, RomanceIt was supposed to be a simple press conference to announce our engagement, but when my darkest secret surfaces, I fall to pieces. I only have Veronica to depend upon. Dare I let our intimacy deepen? As the wedding plans are put into […]

Snatched 4

Title: Snatched 5Series: Snatched #5Genre: BDSM, Billionaire, Gothic, RomanceJust when I started opening myself up to Veronica, she ran from my life to be reunited with her estranged, filthy rich grandfather. But Elliot Khan is a cruel man who keeps his own secrets. To protect her, I'd have to risk […]

Snatched 5