Rock Star Returns

Title: Rock Star Returns
Series: Access All Areas #2
Genre: ,

As soon as the song starts, I recognise his voice. How could I ever forget it? That voice still echoes through my dreams, causing me to wake in cold sweat. If I could, I’d knock that radio to the ground and smashed it beneath my feet, shattering it into silence, every little piece destroyed so that Holden King would stop haunting me.

If the song wasn't bad enough, Holden King swaggers back into my life, determined to rekindle the love he killed inside me. I'll never be able to trust that man again but my body responds to him in ways I can't control.

Holden King wants a second chance, but can I ever forgive him?

This book is a complete story within the Access All Areas. It does contain cheating, in the back story only, but I know that is something that can be upsetting for some readers.

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