Snatched 3

Title: Snatched 3
Series: Snatched #3
Genre: , ,

As Veronica’s claim to my mother’s estate becomes stronger, I’m not sure if I trust her, but I can’t resist the temptation of her flesh. Until I can discredit any legal claim she has, I need to train her to be worthy of the family name. Training that’s strict and exacting. And totally pleasurable.

I’d always thought I was so normal and boring, but he made me into a sexual creature. I wanted him to take me to the limit of my desire, even beyond it. He challenged me, as though daring me to draw back, but the more he pushed me, the more I wanted. I wasn’t sure where I’d draw the line. I wasn’t even sure there was a line to draw.

I don't do casual sex but the intriguing stranger at my father's wedding was too hot to resist. Little did I know he was my new step-brother. Little did I know things would get more twisted. Little did I know I'd fall in love.

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