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Rock Revenge, book 4 in the Access All Areas series, will be out soon!

To whet your appetite, here’s a short teaser…

As he went into the first song, I began to understand what Carlie meant about those leather pants. Even when he wore them offstage, it didn’t have the same effect but up there, in the lights and with all the hip thrusting guitar moves, oh boy, was I in trouble. Well literally in Trouble but figuratively too.


I clenched my legs together. My panties would NOT be getting wet over him. Not now. Not ever. I wasn’t sixteen years old any more. He couldn’t do that to me.


Hell, my teenage fantasies came flooding back to me though. Every dirty thought of the things I wanted Alex to do to my body. Surges of heat rushed through me as I watched his fingers move on the frets. Alex became someone else on that stage. His hips sway and buckled, his body moved with an aggressive grace. Charged like an electrical storm, he sent jolts though me.


I couldn’t reconcile this man on stage, god-like and divine, with the man I knew. All the self-assuredness and all the swagger amped up into something extraordinary.


“Oh, you’ve been converted,” Carlie yelled in my ear.


I shook my head. Never. I could appreciate his performance without losing myself in.


Only Carlie pushed me forward with her. Edging closer to the stage, as though venturing into the eye of the storm. Closer and closer. Music engulfed me, sweaty bodies grinding and thumping. My heart beat wildly. I wanted this. I wanted to play like this, having the power to control people and build something that swarmed and flew.


Alex’s gaze searched the crowd, connecting with people. When he glanced at me, the shock almost fell me. If it wasn’t for the tight crush, I’d have fallen to the ground. My legs weakened and my heart exploded. Every cell in my body tingled. Inside me, I pounded to the beat, becoming one with him.


The intensity scared me stupid, I was overcome with sensation, as though drugged.


The rest of the gig went by in a blur. My body jerked and thrust as though nothing separated us. I needed him. It might be crazy and wrong but I knew it then. Just once in this lifetime, I had to have him on top of me, grinding his hips against me, his cock buried deep.


My brain froze. Every doubt, every bit of common sense telling me this was wrong, vanished without a trace. My blood pumped and my body took over, with only one objective in mind.

Available really soon. 

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  • Kathy Aronoff

    I have waited what seems like forever for Alex’s book – Hit the pre order button on Amazon – Can’t wait