Seduction Game: excerpt

He leant in closer to me, so close I could smell him. Close enough that our lips almost touched. Almost. There was still a gap between us. I shuffled over, twisting my legs under me so that my knees touched his legs.

My breathing stopped. He grabbed my shoulders, pulling me against him. It was uncomfortable as hell, sitting like that. But I’d not move. Not until we’d done this. I hoped he wouldn’t laugh. That would ruin everything.

Our bodies touched in so many places. My boobs squeezed against his chest. I rested my fingers lightly on his arms to steady myself.

For an instant we paused, our gazes locked. I could read nothing in the depths of his eyes but I could tell by the way his heart pounded against mine that he wanted this as much as I did.

Then he kissed me, on the lips. Not an open mouth kiss, just a brushing of his lips against mine. A safe kiss.

I reeled back. That’s how he’d kiss his grandmother. A kiss that said nothing. That kiss was much more lacklustre than even his acorn had been.

“That’s cheating,” I said.

He shrugged. Then he got himself a shot. I guess even he realised that it was a piss poor effort. Jeez, I’m not that hard to kiss. When he’d gotten that close to me, my entire body cried out for him to kiss me. I ached for his kiss. A real kiss.

“Okay, I dare you to kiss me.”

So, it wasn’t the “me” part of the kiss he had problems with. Maybe he was as inexperienced as his parents thought. Maybe he’d been teasing. I couldn’t work it out at all.

Screw it. He wanted this, he’d get it. Full force. Nothing held back. I wouldn’t be fobbed off with that weak kiss. I bet no woman had ever kissed him properly, and that full bottom lip of his was perfect for kissing.

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

He nodded.

Okay, I took a deep breath and pushed him back against the sofa. He put up no resistance.

I moved on top of him, straddling his lap.

“What do you think of that, Sunshine?” I asked him, my voice more husky than I thought possible.

He laughed nervously. His arms hung by his sides until I grabbed his hands and put them on my legs. My skirt had ridden up, leaving my thighs bare. There was only the thin fabric of my knickers and the thick denim of his jeans keeping us apart. As I sat, watching the expression on his face, my chest tightened. I was changing things between us. Making all those feelings swirling around us into something tangible.

Unable to resist any longer, I reached out and caught that lock of hair in my fingers. His hair was softer than I’d thought, and so shiny.

His eyes sparkled. And while his hands didn’t move, I was well aware of the swelling of that denim between my legs. That was an encouraging sign. Hell, if I’d been sitting on his lap toying with him like this and he hadn’t cracked a fat, I’d have given up.

I wasn’t prepared for just how turned on that got me. I hadn’t even kissed him yet and I ached to have his cock inside me. Surely, he’d feel the heat radiating from me. I bit my lip, trying to repress the sigh that still escaped my lips.

His hips moved beneath me. He felt this as strongly as I did.

I rolled my hips, full lap dancer style, wanting to get closer to that. As I pressed against his erection, shudders went through my body. I swirled and gyrated. He moved against me and a lazy smile spread his face.

Then I reached out and traced his bottom lip with my thumb, building up the anticipation.

He shuddered a little.

“Are you ready?” I whispered.

He nodded.

As I moved forward, that hard ridge of denim teased me. Already my panties were soaked. This wasn’t playing around for me. I wanted him. Every part of me desired him.

My lips met his and whoa! I was not prepared for the intensity.

My body sizzled. Jesus. I could kiss this man forever. The buzz jolted straight to my core. He didn’t move his hands from where I’d placed them on my legs. Damn him, I wanted those hands all over my body but mostly I wanted them between my legs.

We humped against each other, as close to screwing as we could get fully dressed. The fully dressed thing bugged me and I ran my fingers under the bottom of his t-shirt. Those abs felt every bit as good as I’d imagined.


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