Snatched – Part 1

Snatched 1 - High Resolution

I need to stop this wedding. My mother snuck behind my back to marry a gold-digger, but he’ll not get his dirty hands on our company. Only I arrived too late, and now I have to cool my heels. I never let emotions interfere with my life, but I’m so pent up that, when I noticed that hooker working the room, I figure a play session will relieve my stress.

Her innocence is just an act – and we both know what the game is here. Don’t we?


A stranger, a hotel room, no words and no names. Who better to have a wild fling with? I’d been numb to the world for so long, with nothing but a mountain of crushing debts. Then my father offered me a wad of cash to attend his glitzy wedding. I don’t do casual flings, but just this once, I want to be wanton and crazy. It’s not like I’ll ever see him again.

Part 1 in the Snatched serial.



Snatched Part 2

Snatched 2 - High Resolution

When I learnt of my mother’s death, I had no time to mourn, I had to go into damage control. Suddenly, I had a stepsister with a legal claim to the family fortune. I never mix business with emotion but, to save the company, I did something impulsive. I snatched her away. It’s all about the business, though, not from any desire to have her in my home and under my control.


Obviously, being kidnapped is not a good thing. It’s up there with the worst things that can happen but, considering the alternative in my case, it wasn’t that awful. That rich jerk couldn’t be any worse than those loan sharks after me for the cash I owe them, and he had put me in the lap of luxury. He hadn’t even been near me since he dumped me here. Good. I hate that jerk. So, why can’t I stop thinking about him?

Part 2 in the Snatched serial.



Snatched 3 - High Resolution (1)

Snatched Part 3

As Veronica’s claim to my mother’s estate becomes stronger, I’m not sure if I trust her, but I can’t resist the temptation of her flesh. Until I can discredit any legal claim she has, I need to train her to be worthy of the family name. Training that’s strict and exacting. And totally pleasurable.

I’d always thought I was so normal and boring, but he made me into a sexual creature. I wanted him to take me to the limit of my desire, even beyond it. He challenged me, as though daring me to draw back, but the more he pushed me, the more I wanted. I wasn’t sure where I’d draw the line. I wasn’t even sure there was a line to draw.



Snatched 4 - High Resolution

Snatched Part 4

It was supposed to be a simple press conference to announce our engagement, but when my darkest secret surfaces, I fall to pieces. I only have Veronica to depend upon. Dare I let our intimacy deepen?

As the wedding plans are put into action, I think I’ve broken through the wall that Dom puts around himself. We grew closer as he begins to trust me, but then a secret is revealed – is everything I’ve believed a sham? When my world is shattered, a mysterious stranger reaches out to me.



Snatched 5 - High Resolution (1)

Snatched Part 5 (the final installment)

Just when I started opening myself up to Veronica, she ran from my life to be reunited with her estranged, filthy rich grandfather. But Elliot Khan is a cruel man who keeps his own secrets. To protect her, I’d have to risk my entire business empire. Dare I risk it?





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