On Music

I was thinking that the logical thing to blog about here would be music – maybe throwing together some playlists, that kind of thing.

But then I thought who am I to tell people what to listen to?

For many years, I was a complete music snob. I judged people by the music they listened to. I used that as a basis for how cool and worthy they were.

Nowadays, I’ve mellowed out a lot. I figure this world can be a crappy place at times and if dancing around the kitchen to One Direction helps someone get through a shitty day then good luck to them. We all need to survive on this planet, right.

Listen to what you want to listen, so long as you aren’t doing it loudly next to me on the train – because then we will have words!

So, what do you love? What do you turn up full volume and sing along to in the car?

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