My week…


It’s Feburary already.  The year is moving too fast.  But that means Valentines and chocolate… well, to be honest, I’ve never got Valentines chocolate but I hope you do.

So, the best things about this week are:

  • Doing yoga – writing has to be one of the worst things for your body so I’m trying to do yoga everyday to fight that. We have this dodgy yoga DVD with a chick on this horrible British beach that’s all windy and has rocks instead of sand but it yoga is yoga, right.
  • Awesome groupon Korean BBQ deal.  If you’ve read Bad Boy Rock Star, you’d have probably guessed I love Korean food and this week we got a cheapo groupon deal for a new place that’s opened.  Too much food, including some awesome bbq scallops.
  • Started watching Vikings – OMG, they were hardcore back in those days.  Awesome drama but those Viking haircuts, not hot.

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