Life after release…

It’s been just over a week since Bad Boy vs Millionaire was released.  I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the results both from this and the promo on Bad Boy Rock Star.  The number of new readers has been fantastic and I’ve loved being able to connect to some of them both here and on facebook.  

At the moment, I’ve been working hard on writing Angie’s story which will be released as a short story.  It’s a lot of fun writing about Angie and I’ve also enjoyed having Jack and Hannah as background characters rather than in the spotlight.  It means they can have a bit of fun in their relationship without any conflict.  Kind of the lull before the storm (no pun intended).

When I get a break from writing this, I’ve got a deleted chapter from Bad Boy vs Millionaire that I’ll send out to my mailing list.  If you aren’t part of it yet, sign up over on the sidebar.  I need to work out the best way to actually distribute it too.  Maybe set up something in drop box???

Looking forward to a weekend of writing, X Files reruns and (hopefully) some delicious snack foods!  What’s your plan for the weekend?

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