Rock Mayhem – 8 book box set

ROCK MAYHEM boxset transparent

Okay, I should’ve posted this release a while back but I’ve had trouble accessing my site. If you haven’t got your hands on Rock Mayhem yet, and you haven’t already read the books separately, check this one out.

Broken rockers and the women who complete them…

That feeling you get when you hear a certain song. The world slips away and you’re in a place where the lights blaze brighter than the sun, the music thrills you to your toes and that guy arrogantly strutting across the stage might just be the one.

You’re on the edge of something you’ve never felt before. The dream is about to come true. Your gaze locks onto his…

Binge read all the rocker book boyfriends you can handle in this eight book bundle of sizzlingly, sassy, heart-tugging rock star romances!

You get all 8 books including two full series — Rock Savage and Rock Stars on Tour — and a standalone for a huge discount or, even better, read for free with Kindle Unlimited.


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